The Reading Text Is For Number 11-15 Last Holiday My Students And I Went To Yogyakarta. We Stayed At Morrison Hotel Which Is Not A Long Way From Malioboro. On Friday, We Went To The Sanctuaries In Prambanan. There Are Three Major Sanctuaries, The Brahmana, Siwa And Wisnu Sanctuaries. They Are Truly Stunning. We Went By Just Brahmana And Syiwa Sanctuaries, On The Grounds That Wisnu Sanctuary Is Being Remodeled. On Saturday Morning We Went To Jogja Kraton. We Spent Around Two Hours There. We Were Fortunate On The Grounds That We Were Driven By A Brilliant And Amicable Aide. At That Point We Proceeded With Our Adventure To Borobudur. We Touched Base There At Four P.m. At 6 P.m. We Heard The Declaration That Borobudur Entryway Would Be Closed. In The Evening We Left Yogyakarta By Bus.What Else The Big Temples In Prambanan?A. Angkor Wat, Syiwa, And Sudra TemplesB. Paria, Brahmana, And Temples. Brahmana, Syiwa, And Wisnu Temples. Wisnu, Siwa, And Borobudur Temples. Borobudur, Siwa, Dan Brahmana Temples?

The reading text is for number 11-15 Last holiday my students and I went to Yogyakarta. We stayed at Morrison Hotel which is not a